Medical Insurance: Nixon-Smiley CISD in cooperation with TRS Active Care and Aetna offer health insurance options designed to meet the needs of N-S CISD employees and their families (Our group health coverage complies withTex. Educ. Code 22.004(d)) . Use the Aetna electronic enrollment web site to view plan information, print your own temporary medical insurance or Rx card. Click on the link to find a doctor near you or to access more benefits information. When entering the Aetna Navigator web site, either log in using your existing member information or register as a first time user.

Nixon-Smiley CISD currently contributes $305.00 monthly to reduce the cost of any plan selected by a full-time employee enrolled in Active Care insurance.

Life insurance: The school district provides a $20,000 life insurance policy (at no cost) for each employee. You may purchase additional coverage amounts.

Flex Card (FSA): Is a medical expense debit card with an available balance of $500 per plan year. The card is offered (at no cost to employees) as an alternative for those who do not elect TRS Active Care medical insurance. Uses for the card must be for medical, dental, co-payments, prescription drugs and some approved over the counter medication(s). FSA plans are governed by IRS rules and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via our co-op relationship with National Benefit Services (NBS820871) click here for a link to more information on the employee benefits portal.


If you have lost your insurance card, please give your medical provider the insurance billing information listed below to obtain coverage until a card is secured.

Vendor: National Benefit Services
Phone#: (800) 583-6908

Short Term Disability: Short term disability is provided (at no cost to the employee).

Vendor: Cigna
Group#: VDT-961363
Phone#: (800) 583-6908
File A Claim: (800) 362-4462

Long Term Disability: If elected, the cost of long term disability coverage is assumed by the employee.

Vendor: Cigna
Group#: VDT-961364
Phone#: (800) 583-6908
File A Claim: (800) 362-4462

Additional benefits such as telehealth and identity theft plans are all available, as is the ability to participate in an IRS approved 403b plan.The Employee’s portion of the payment for all benefits offered is determined annually.

Telehealth Vendor: MDLive
Phone#: (888) 365-1663

Dental: N-S C.I.S.D. has contracted with Cigna Dental to provide employee dental benefits. You may select from two levels such as "PPO High" and a new "PPO Low" plan. More information may be found by viewing the employee benefits portal.

Vendor: Cigna Dental
Group#: 3336975
Phone#: (800) 244-6224

Vision: Employees seeking a temporary ID card may click on the link below to print a "Generic ID Card". Using the link, you may access information on vision care or eye glass providers who participate in the school district vision plan under Superior Vison. Once there, select the "Provider Search" link on the employee benefits portal to find a provider by zip code or by city and state.

Vendor: Superior Vision
Group#: 28888
Phone#: (800) 507-3800

Day Care: Is available at the “Mini-Mustang Cottage” located next to the Middle School Campus. Services are provided by School District employees at reasonable full and half day rates. 

Leave: Each employee earns (Earned Leave) a total of ten leave days per year. Five of these days are granted through the state of Texas personal leave program. State personal days may be accumulated without restriction and may be transferred among school districts in Texas. The remaining five days are local days granted by School District. Use of local leave is charged at the substitute rate of $75.00/day and is cumulative within the district.

Car/Phone/Travel Expenses: When available, the district maintains several vehicles for school business travel. Approved school related expenses will be reimbursed on a monthly basis per company policy.

Cafeteria Plan: Premiums paid for medical insurance, Flex Card, vision and dental insurance are eligible for pre-tax deduction benefits.

If you left your benefits card at home or lost it, you can still receive care by using the billing address and group number(s) found above or by printing the attached benefits provider list here.

More information about Nixon-Smiley benefits may be found on the Benefits Portal by clicking here.

Questions or a request for details related to the above should be directed to the Human Resources office.

I. Jimenez