How do I become a Substitute with Nixon-Smiley CISD?

Nixon-Smiley C.I.S.D. has an outstanding school district where children come first. The school district has a middle and high school located in Nixon with the elementary school in Smiley. Our teachers and administrators are dedicated professionals who are committed to providing students the best possible education.

To qualify as a substitute in the Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District, you must have education equivalent to completion of high school and complete the formal substitute teaching preparation course. The dates and times for future courses are listed on the next page. Substitute certification (or recertification) is required each school year before the substitute is allowed to return to the classroom.

Pay: The new 2020-2021 daily rate for classroom substitutes is $80 per day with the potential to earn up to $100 per day. The half day rate for classroom substitutes is $40.00 per half day. Certified teachers assigned as "long term subs" earn a higher rate. 

Maximize your substitute earnings potential by serving as a substitute with Nixon-Smiley CISD.  To learn more, attend a substitute orientation session.  

To apply: Please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Complete the on-line Substitute Application and EPI survey (the “job opportunities” link may be found at: nixonsmiley.net).
  2. Provide a certified copy of your HS diploma or GED certificate. If requested, college transcripts must also be certified copies.
  3. Provide two forms of Identification (i.e. Driver's License, Social Security Card, Passport or other Federal or State issued Documents.)
  4. All candidates must pass a biometric (fingerprint based) background check.  If necessary, submit to an F.B.I. photo identified, electronic fingerprint procedure.
  5. Complete all pre-employment forms such as: I-9, W-4 and other required forms as provided by the human resources department.
  6. Complete all state and locally mandated video training instruction (Provided by N-S CISD staff prior to employment).

Please Note: Sections 1-3 of these steps must be completed prior to your participation in a scheduled substitute teaching preparation course.  If necessary, an appointment for the biometric fingerprinting procedure may be scheduled by the HR department.

Please direct questions or concerns via email to: Israel Jimenez, HR Director hr@nixonsmiley.net

Substitute Teacher Preparation
2020-2021 Schedule

Nixon-Smiley C.I.S.D. will hold the following Substitute Teacher Preparation classes:

October, 2021 TBD at Human Resources OfficeTime: TBD
November  2, 2020 (Monday) at "La Casita" 10 a.m.  New Substitute Training
January, 2021 TBD at "La Casita"9 a.m.  New Substitute Training
Addl. sessions if needed, 2020 at "La Casita"TBD

Please routinely check this page for added dates.

Presenter: Jane Dwyer; Director of Special Programs

Interested applicants must attend one of the scheduled courses. Substitutes must be certified each new school year.

Please bring two forms of identification and a copy of your H.S. diploma or college transcript.

Additional dates are added as needed.