Dress Code for DAEP
Mike Duffek
Wednesday, December 13, 2017


1.     Solid white t-shirt with no colors or logos

2.     Khaki slacks only – no denim

3.     Black or white socks only

4.     Black or white tennis shoes only

5.     Black or brown belt-no adornments or big buckles

6.     No jewelry

7.     No makeup, nail polish or fake nails

8.     No tattoos – must be covered at all times

9.     Girls-hair must be natural color-no highlights, no weaves or wigs and hair must be worn down at all times

10.    Boys-hair must be cut above the eyebrows and ears and not touching the collar

 This is the basic dress code that students need to be aware of before coming to the DAEP.  Students must be in dress code when they arrive.   During intake the full dress code will be discussed with the parent and student.